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How To Make Instant Coffee Taste Better? 7 Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Ever woken up in the morning, late, and in a rush to get to work? You need coffee in a second, and you go for your instant coffee? You hurry in through the preparing process, however, what you take in your mouth doesn’t taste great, and it’s what your mind wasn't craving. We’ve all found ourselves in this predicament, but I will give you tips on how to make instant coffee taste better.

We all love our coffee and more so if you are a person who is virtually on the move. Therefore having instant is perfect if you find yourself in instances that have you always in a rush. It’s quick, simple, and cheap to make. Need a coffee for a quick break at work? Instant coffee is a lifesaver. Do you always crave for coffee? Then get instant coffee. It is merely a perfect fit for all coffee lovers.

It has less caffeine; therefore, you can’t worry about getting a caffeine addiction. And if that’s not all, you get less coffee waste and saves you money since you won’t have to purchase a coffee machine.

Since we’ve said it’s perfect for people in a hurry, it fits in your backpack or handbag. It saves space, and it’s not bulky to carry around with you.

For all pun intentions, instant coffee is great because it is actually coffee. Forget about the haters who degrade instant coffee. It has all the benefits that come with taking coffee.

Best Ways Of Making Instant Coffee Taste Better

The following are tricks and tips on how to make instant coffee taste better every time.

1. Cold Water

If you want to take the sour taste away from the instant coffee, you need to mix it first with cold water before introducing the mixture to hot water. The substance known as amylum is responsible for the bitter, sour taste associated with instant coffee. Adding instant coffee directly to hot water only makes the taste pronounced.

Add cold water to the coffee granules, and you are sure to smoothen the bitter taste as the amylum will dissolve in the water. You are sure to get a fantastic dose of coffee that will leave you yearning for more of the same.

2. Perfect Temperature

Aside from the type of water, you use whether filtered or not; the temperature is just as crucial. It will add to the fantastic effect you are likely to get from your instant coffee. We’ve already pointed out the adverse effects of adding hot water to your coffee granules. Most people have their mugs ready and pour boiling water immediately the water boils. If you been doing this, then no wonder you haven't been getting better-tasting coffee.

Water should be 190 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. That is hot water but not boiling. You can boil water then wait for it to cool a bit before adding it to your coffee granules.

3. Quality Instant Coffee

This is a no brainer. Quality coffee will produce the best tastes. You can employ all tricks in the universe, but the point is, if you get mediocre quality coffee, you will end up with average tasting coffee. Don't go for a cheap coffee as your coffee will only taste cheap, as well.

Shop around for the best quality coffee in the market. For instance, you can go with Starbucks or Nescafe Clasico. These are great options for instant coffee as the manufactures always produce the best in the market. If you apply these tricks and have quality instant coffee, then you will never be disappointed when you take your coffee.

4. The Perfect Coffee To Water Ratio

The trickiest part when making a mug of instant coffee is how to balance the coffee and water. It mostly depends on the brand you choose, and most manufacturers give instructions on the number of teaspoons you have to add.

However, it is common for marketing strategies to overhype their products, and therefore you have to be careful at all times. You can add a lot of water if you follow these instructions without careful consideration. You are the one taking the coffee, and therefore you should decide what works for you. Experiment a few times until you reach the right ratio that is just perfect for you.

5. Fresh Milk

The benefits of fresh milk are endless. It is ultra-healthy for your whole body and works with most meals we prepare. Then why not with coffee. The truth is that milk enhances the taste of virtually every food. Be it pancakes or smoothies.

Fresh milk makes your coffee creamy and tones down the acidity. Add milk to your coffee in any ratio you feel comfortable since what you are after is that excellent taste. Just make sure you don't add more milk to dilute the coffee away.

6. Perfect Milk To Water Ratio

If you decide to add milk, then make sure you add little water to your coffee. This is because milk also contains water, and you might end up with a bland mug of coffee. For most coffee lovers, eight to ten ounces of water is enough to make great coffee. However, if you were to add four ounces of milk, then you should go with four ounces of water.

This also boils down to your taste and preferences. Some people love their coffee creamy with more milk. The trick is getting what works for you. As pointed out, milk neutralizes the acidity in your coffee, making it taste even better.

7. Choosing The Right Mug

The type and size of the cup will affect the amount of water and milk you'll add to your coffee granules. You want the right amount of water and coffee ratio that works for you.

You can shop for the right size of a mug that suits you and may even have your name printed on it. Having your coffee mug also comes with a psychological aspect to it, and you are likely to feel relaxed once you take your coffee for the same every morning.

You will always know how much content to pour in your mug without having to worry about the different ratios.


Reading this article, you might have realized why your instant coffee doesn't always taste great. Applying these simple tricks will bring back the great coffee taste, and you will fall in love again with your instant coffee.


Ignatius is the Editor of Best Coffee Hut, who considers himself as a coffee lover. He is passionate about learning the art of brewing amazing coffee since he has the most experience as a barista. He would love to help you to make a better cup of coffee every single time.

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