How To Make Cowboy Coffee That Tastes Good

Coffee making is the first thing to do in the morning, as many of us can't think of starting a day without seeping a cup of coffee to boost the morning spirit. Espresso is famous for the perfect balance of rich flavor and bitterness. Americano lets you enjoy the integrity and perfume of your bean blend. These are all commonly known to coffee lovers.

Cowboy coffee may seem the unusual type, but like its name, it is a wild experience once you leak your favorite cup for the first time. Luckily, I had come across to taste it on a sudden trip to the countryside, and I am blessed that I had tasted the first time from an expert hand.

You are on the right page to uncover the secrets, and I am ready to lead the way for mise en place. Get ready to amaze your dear ones with a different flavor and instruct them on how to make cowboy coffee that actually tastes good. There are various types, taste, and flavors to select from drop-down menu. Out of the regular list, it is easy to make and ready to serve with all haste for sincere coffee lovers.

Boiling water for brewing coffee was the traditional coffee-making method in the 1800s, and people used to stick on this until 1930, which was widely used in Turkey and known as Turkish coffee. Cowboys are among them to continue the boiling method to brew coffee till today. It's usually 10-12 cowboy folks gather together, and they called it the cowboy family. Preparing cowboy coffee is the first thing in the morning and keeps burning the big pot, which the last thing that pulls off every night to boost them until the end of the day.

Are you wondering why this method is still existing, and what makes it popular day by day?

I revile the secret because of its simplicity. From the campfire trail nowadays, it is coming back to urban life because cowboy coffee style actually tastes so good, the texture is so pure and smooth. If you learn to make it well, you won't stand in the morning line to pick your coffee from the coffee shop.

Tools and Materials Required

Cowboy-coffee making does not need any special tools or skills. It would be best if you had a big coffee pot, ground coffee, and an outdoor stove or campfire, that's all you are ready to make it. Fire the oven, or you may set a campfire and hang the pot with a hanger on fire to prepare. Yes, that's right. It's simple to make your preferred drink even if you have limited access to modern facilities. It doesn't require any grinder, coffee making machine, or even no consumption of energy to run special equipment.

Steps in Brewing Cowboy Coffee

Step 1: Take that big coffee pot and fill with as much water as much coffee you need for you and your friends. Start heating the water on your stove, if you don't have an outdoor oven, you may set a campfire. Hang the pot on the fire and start heating the water.

Step 2: Once the water is warm, put coarse ground coffee into the pot. The primary measure is one tablespoon of coffee per one cup of water, but you may put more if you want strong coffee. You may add a pinch of salt for a little different taste.

Step 3: Let the water boil. It takes around 4-5 minutes to prepare. Once you see that the water is boiling, and the ground is going down and up with water, then wait another minute. Let the coffee brew and bring out the richer flavor of the coffee grounds.

Step 4: Now move the pot from the fire and let it be still. Wait a while and pour a little cold water around the container where the coffee grounds have collected. The cold water will take down these coffee grounds to the bottom. Be careful to avoid drinking coffee grounds either from the bottom or floating at the surface; you can also remove the floating dirt by using the back of a spoon or may use filter to get rid of it as well. 

Step 5: Now pour slowly to your drinking cup from coffee pot, and that's it, you are ready to serve and taste your favorite coffee. It's becoming well-liked for this easy to go method of brewing coffee instantly without a lot of preparation, skills, or any other special tools to make it.

Advantages of Cowboy Coffee

We love to feel nature away from the busy hustle of urban life. And trekking with friends and family is spending quality time with your dear one. A place where the beautiful landscape has limited the benefit of a daily source of modern life. You can't just order your particular Espresso or Americano but to enjoy the surrounding nature. At this camp trail, a campfire is good enough to prepare your cowboy coffee. Just hang the big pot and enjoy coffee to thrust your mood even in extreme conditions. You also can use your stainless-steel water pot to make it. Just don't forget to take some coffee beans with you while you pack your backpack.


1.What's the secret ingredient to add?

Adding salt may give you different tastes, which you may prefer instead of trying it raw. Some people break an egg to move coffee grounds to the bottom of the pot, but you may not like an egg in your coffee.

2. Is cowboy coffee good for you?

There is no question about its benefit, as there are no extra ingredients other than coffee and water. After tasting a few days, you will not like any other coffee but cowboy-coffee.

3. When to prepare cowboy Style coffee?

Start your day by making a full pot. Whenever you are tired and want a break, heat the bowl and enjoy your coffee. In camp trail or adventure trip, cowboy coffee is the only option to raise your energy and keep exploring.


Now you know all about cowboy-coffee and why not set afire and put your pot on the fire to taste it. Make a big bowl try it throughout the day, and it will save you a lot of time, which you waste every day for preparing coffee. Recommend your friend those are planning to go on a camp trail. They must know how to make cowboy coffee that actually tastes good before starting the adventure. And I assure you they will thank you once they come back.


Ignatius is the Editor of Best Coffee Hut, who considers himself as a coffee lover. He is passionate about learning the art of brewing amazing coffee since he has the most experience as a barista. He would love to help you to make a better cup of coffee every single time.

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