How To Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker | Top 5 Methods

If you are a coffee enthusiast who loves your coffee fresh brewed but lacks a coffee maker, then you are on the right page. We love coffee and have dedicated ourselves to teach you ways to enjoy your brew even if you lack the coffee maker. We researched how to make coffee without a coffee maker at home or when on the move.

We know that a coffee maker is sometimes expensive, and this should not hinder you from enjoying a nice brew. Even if you have a coffee maker, sometimes you might wake up to a broken device; here are the steps and methods that will ensure that you get to enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning.

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1. The Cowboy Method (Cowboy Coffee)

Cowboy coffee is the best method to make coffee without a coffee maker and is suitable for people who are in a campsite. The method of coffee brewing involves immersion of coffee beans in water, letting it soak for some time, and later extracting the juice.

best cowboy coffee method

Materials Needed

  • Coffee Grounds
  • Water
  • Kettle or Pot
  • Spoon/ Fork
  • Mug/ Bowl/ Cup

Step-By-Step Procedures

i. Put some coffee beans in the kettle

Scoop one tablespoon of coffee grounds and pour it in the kettle, the amount of coffee will depend on the quality of coffee you want. We love to keep one spoon of coffee grounds for one cup of water.

ii. Pour water into the kettle

Pour about eight ounces of water to the kettle, the amount of water will determine the quality of the brew. We like it having one cup of water for every spoon of ground coffee beans.

iii. Heat the contents in the kettle

Put the kettle on the source of heat the heat, and allow the content to heat on moderate heat till it boils, let the water to boil for two minutes.

iv. Remove the kettle from the stove

Remove the water from the source of heat after two minutes, and you should be careful not to heat the water for more than the required time as it results in a bitter brew.

v. Allow it to cool

Allow the coffee brewed in the kettle to cool for approximately four minutes; this lets it cool so that you can drink comfortably. The coffee beans will also sink to the bottom of the kettle allowing for easy sieving of your drink.

vi. Pour the coffee into your cup

Pour the coffee into your mug, avoid shaking the kettle as you do not want to have coffee beans in your cup. You may use a sieve that can trap the beans to get an only coffee drink in your cup, and the coffee is now good to drink.

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2. The Saucepan Method of Brewing Coffee

The saucepan method of brewing coffee is suitable for you if you have a limited supply at your disposal. This method is simple to leverage and might be the least involving; in fact, you need a pot and a stove and a saucepan only.

Required Materials and Tools

  • Coffee Beans
  • Water
  • Saucepan
  • Spoon
  • Ladle
  • Mug
make coffee with Saucepan

Step-By-Step Procedure in Saucepan Method of Brewing Coffee

i. Pour water into the pan

Pour water into the pan after putting the coffee beans, ensure that the water covers the beans as you will lose some water to evaporation after heating. Have a good ratio of water to coffee one spoon of coffee goes for a cup of water, too much or too little water will compromise the taste of the coffee.

ii. Stir the mixture

Stir the mixture of coffee and water and use a medium heat source to heat your mixture to brew the coffee well. Stir the content from time to time, which will prevent the content from settling on the floor of the saucepan.

iii. Let the coffee boil

Let the coffee boil for two minutes; do not let it boil for a long time as this will reduce the quality of your coffee. Overheating can make your coffee bitter and make it fail to serve the original purpose.

iv. Remove the coffee from the source of heat

Turn off the burner, and remove the cooking pot from the fire and let it rest for about 4 minutes, which allows the coffee beans to settle on the bottom of the cooking pot.

v. Scoop the coffee using a ladle

Using a spoon, scoop the coffee, and pour it into your cup. Take care not to let the grounds into your cup, and you can also pour the coffee from the saucepan meticulously. The grounds are heavy and will settle at the bottom allowing you to pour the coffee brew without messing with the drink. The coffee is now ready to drink.

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3. The Coffee Bag Method

The coffee bag method of brewing coffee is best when you have a craving which you need to satisfy instantly. The coffee brewing is inspired by the 18th-century tradition and makes use of small coffee bags. The coffee brewing is like a reminder of the golden age coffee of the past centuries, and you might love it as it could bring you memories of your grandparents or old good times.

make coffee with bag methods

Materials Required

  • Coffee Grounds
  • Hot Water
  • Coffee Filter
  • String
  • Mug

Step-By-Step Brewing Procedure for Coffee Bag Method

i. Have right measurements

One spoon of coffee grounds go with one cup of water for mild, tasty coffee, have the right measurements, and put the coffee in the filter.

ii. Put the coffee in the filter

Ensure that the filter in which could be a napkin is clean, pour the coffee beans on the filter create a pouch. Tie the coffee bag using a string; you may wish to have a long string that you will use to hang the coffee bag into the cup.

iii. Heat the water using a pot

Heat the water till it boils, put the coffee bag into the cup. Ensure to leave some space that may allow for excess water, which could have overflown.

iv. Pour the water into the mug

Slowly pour the boiling water over the coffee bags, let the water fill into some reasonable level avoid spilling of water. The water level is necessary to guarantee maximum outcomes and get a better-tasting coffee.

v. Give the coffee time

Let the coffee bag stay in the water for almost four minutes, if you like your brew strong you can leave it to stay for more time.

vi. Remove the coffee bag

Remove the coffee bag from your cup and dispose of the filter in an environmentally friendly manner, put the filter in the recyclable bin, and avoid environmental contamination. The coffee is ow ready to drink, let it cool to your desired temperatures.

4. The Strainer Method of Brewing Coffee

Coffee strainers are like filters, but they have larger holes and do not trap the coffee grounds wastes. The method has its uniqueness, which gives you a tasty drink.

how to make coffee with strainer method

Materials Required

  • Coffee Grounds
  • Water
  • Kettle or Saucepan
  • Mesh Strainer
  • Mug

Step-By-Step Procedure

i. Know the amount of coffee you would like to prepare

Determine the amount of coffee you want to brew, ensure that you have the correct ratio of water and coffee beans.

ii. Add the water into the kettle

Add the water and the coffee beans into the kettle and start heating the content, when the water boils leave it on the source of heat for two minutes.

iii. Remove the content and let it settle for 4 minutes

Let the content cool for almost 4 minutes, which makes the brew tasty. You can also allow the content to cool further if you love your coffee warm

iv. Pour the Content into the Cup

Place the coffee strainer on the top of your cup, pour the coffee through the strainer. The strainer will trap the coffee grounds as the coffee flows to the cup. You do not have to wait for the coffee beans to settle using this coffee brewing method.

5. The Improvised French Press Method

When you start craving for a French press coffee without the French press, then this method of brewing coffee will take care of your cravings—the improvised French method of brewing coffee results in an oily and rich drink. The method is almost similar to the cowboy coffee brewing method, but the only difference is the finesses of the coffee grounds used to brew.

make coffee with french press

Materials Needed

  • Cup
  • Burr Grinder
  • Tablespoon
  • Boiler

Step-By-Step Procedures

i. Grind the Coffee Beans

Grind the coffee beans to give you a fine texture; if you have a grinder, this will be easy for you. Without a grinder, you can use a pestle and motor, which can be found in many households. Ensure that you get very fine texture coffee grounds, use two tablespoons for every 250 ml of water.

ii. Pour the Coffee in an Empty Cup and Add Hot Water

Pour the coffee grounds, and add hot water to ensure that the hot water covers the coffee grounds well, ensure that you have the correct ration. Pour the water in intervals into the cup to allow the coffee soak for a tasty drink.

iii. Pour the Rest of the Water

After the 30 seconds of pouring hot water at intervals to cover the coffee beans, you can now pour the remaining water into the cup. This method of brewing ensures that you the best quality of coffee as you extract all the goodness from the coffee beans.

iv. Stir the Mixture Gently

Leave the coffee mixture to rest for almost four minutes, ensure that you stir the content after two minutes. Stirring allows the water to extract the goodness of the coffee from the grounded coffee beans.

v. Transfer the Coffee Slowly Into the Mug

Transfer the coffee to the cup which you will be drinking from; pour the coffee slowly avoid getting the debris fall into your cup. Avoid pouring the last 30 millimeters of the content to prevent pouring the grounds accidentally into your cup.


1. Can You Ground Drink Coffee without Filtering?

Ingesting ground coffee is not harmful, but whether to dink it without sieving is up to you. If you do not like having beans in your cup and you do not have a filter, you can wait till all the grounds have settled down then pour your coffee. Moreover, unfiltered coffee is likely to have more oils than filtered ones.

2. Can I Just Add Hot Water to Ground Coffee?

Yes, you can add boiling water to the ground coffee, one tablespoon of coffee grounds should be enough for one cup of water. Start by adding a small amount of hot water to the ground coffee and giving the water time to saturate the grounds. Then add the appropriate amount of hot water to your cup containing the beans and let it rest for four minutes before filtering and drinking.

3. Can I Make Coffee Without Electricity?

You can make coffee without electricity, heat your water using another heat source such as the stove. Put the ground coffee in a coffee bag which might be similar to a teabag, the coffee bag should be made of porous material. Sink the bag into the water and let it rest for four minutes, your coffee will be ready to drink.

4. How Do I Brew Coffee Without A Scale?

You can use the spoon to measure the coffee grounds if you do not have a scale. One tablespoon can hold 5 grams of coffee, and one cup of water requires one tablespoon of coffee to make to give mild coffee. If you want to brew coffee for more people, measure your water using your cup and coffee using the tablespoon to achieve the required ratio.


You can learn how to make coffee without a coffee maker, and your mornings will not be the same with tasty home-made coffee. The above methods of brewing coffee may be relevant to your needs. Choose one of the methods that work best for you, consider the materials at your disposal when choosing a method of brewing. Ensure that you find one method that is economical and gives you the coffee of your taste. Good luck in your endeavors.


Ignatius is the Editor of Best Coffee Hut, who considers himself as a coffee lover. He is passionate about learning the art of brewing amazing coffee since he has the most experience as a barista. He would love to help you to make a better cup of coffee every single time.

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