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Maybe you are too much tired of finding the world's fastest coffee maker. It's really tough enough to choose the perfect coffee maker which is too fast. Because there are too many coffee makers on the market in 2021. Well, we are a team who have researched on more than 30 best coffee makers and picked up one for you. Our recommended fastest coffee maker is Moccamaster KBG 59162. It provides both solid performance and impressive affordability.

Moccamaster KBG 59162 is a machine where you can perfectly make hot and rich coffee within 4-6 minutes. And that is not only a cup of coffee, but you are also able to make 10 cups of coffee at a time (1.25 Liters/ 40 ounces). There are other coffee machines also in the market that can brew coffee within 5 minutes but they are not able to brew 10 cups within 5 minutes. And that is that why the Moccamaster is the Fastest Machine. For this reason, this machine is exceptionally FAST- faster than you have ever seen in any other coffee machine.


This machine made with durable metal housings and BPA/BPS/bpf & phthalate free plastics. The body style is rectangular. The Moccamaster is designed with auto drip-stop brew-basket with glass carafe. The glass carafe maintains the coffee quality.

Easy to Operate:

The main benefits of using the Moccamaster 59162 is very simple to operate. It is also whisper-quiet in operation and it can brew full carafes within 4-6 minutes. Even you are into extra technology features. Therefore any clocks, timers and other technologies might not be needed. Also, you do not need any special skills or user guides to access the functions of this machine. Just activate it, and wait for fresh batches of coffee.

Hotplate, Timer and Heating Features:

The copper heating element is very large and efficient. The water boils within a few seconds, you will have to experience it to believe it. It also comes with an orange neon looking LED power indicator which makes operation highly convenient.

Ideally, coffee should be kept at temperatures of +175 º. The hot plate in this unit can be customized to warm at either 170 º to 180 º for those who prefer hot coffee. You can also heat water to 196-205 degrees with this machine.

Besides that, the hotplate automatically switches off after 100 minutes to reduce any side effects of burnt coffee. The unique auto shut off features make it highly convenient, especially if you have to attend to other cooking or activities while at home. If you need to warm the machine up again, just switch it on again.

Technical Specifications:

  • Product Dimension: 14.00"H 12.75"W 6.50"D
  • Weight: 6.00 LBS
  • Material: Plastic, glass and metal construction
  • Brewing Capacity: 40oz/ 10 Cups/ 1.25L
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Design Construction:

Technivorm has been making coffee machines since 1964, and with no compromise on quality. In fact, the body of this unit features extruded aluminum, and the plastic components are attractive and durable. More so, this highly unique design also makes this coffee maker stand out from the rest. Other components of this fastest coffee maker are made using rubber, glass and stainless steel.

The inclusion of a removable, heavy and stainless steel shower head which has nine holes does well to bathe the ground in hot water. Every aspect of this best affordable coffee machine is recyclable, and the packaging features unique cardboard which makes the machine very sustainable.

technivorm moccamaster 59162


1. Comes with an auto drip brew basket with glass carafe

2. Simple to operate and whisper quiet in operation

3. This coffee machine makes coffee in 4-6 minutes average

4. Unique copper boiling element that heats rapidly

5. The glass carafe does well to maintain the coffee quality, integrity and taste


1. The coffee needs regular descaling and cleaning

2. There is no grinder adjusted with this machine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does this machine heat enough to make perfect and healthy coffee?

Yes, there is a unique, copper boiling element that rapidly heats water to control brewing temperatures between 196 to 205 degree Fahrenheit, which is very important for coffee soluble extraction.

2. Does this healthy coffee maker grind beans as well?

While this fastest coffee maker has many unique features, but there is no grinding option. In this case, you might have to purchase a good burr grinder to enhance the quality of your beverage. Usually, all in one coffee machines are pain and cannot provide a hassle-free user experience.

3. Is it possible to make 2 cups of coffee at a time and still maintain the quality?

Yes, It’s very possible, just need to adjust the amount of coffee to maintain the quality.

Wrapping It Up:

So at the end of the discussion, it’s very much clear now that we should not think twice to buy Technivorm Moccamaster 59162. Get ready to enjoy your coffee within a few minutes with this fastest coffee maker. It’s highly recommended to keep the first choice while you are going to buy a coffee maker.


Ignatius is the Editor of Best Coffee Hut, who considers himself as a coffee lover. He is passionate about learning the art of brewing amazing coffee since he has the most experience as a barista. He would love to help you to make a better cup of coffee every single time.

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